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Tauheedul Muslimeen Trust (TMT)

Our story began in 1976
, when Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiq met a young man named Habib Akbar in Lucknow, India. Like many young men, Habib was finding it difficult to enrol in a university because his parents did not have money to support his studies - yet he was driven by an inner desire to achieve a Bachelors of Science degree. Dr. Sadiq observed his motivation and intelligence, and acknowledged that Habib had successfully completed secondary school with good track record. He decided to write to a friend in Mumbai who he knew had the philanthropic means and inclination to help, and this friend, Mr. Jaffar Ali Aseel, responded by funding Habib's university studies. Habib knew he was a very lucky young man. 

As time progressed, Dr. Sadiq had many occasions to assist other academically strong, yet financially incapable students with the help of a dedicated group of friends. It became painfully apparent to him that there was a great need to help underprivileged youngsters to get education, and this inspired him to form the Tauheedul Muslimeen Trust (TMT) in 1984. It is noteworthy that Dr. Sadiq did not believe in merely giving charity because he knew the problems of poverty would persist and it is only by empowering them by education or training in trades that they could become self-reliant. This will raise the aspirations of their families and will set an example for others to follow. Today, TMT is surging ahead upon this principle.

TMT has broadened its scope over the years: it not only provide financial assistance to academically strong and underprivileged students, it also establish educational and training institutions, provide healthcare and rehabilitation to the disadvantaged, and implement other acts of philanthropy. In the following pages, we present outstanding programs that highlight TMT's accomplishments.

Notes from Our Graduates


Thank you TMT for everything and providing a new Doctor to our community. Your kind and thoughtful gesture has made a big difference, in giving me courage and accomplishing my dream. I'm truly grateful to you. Thank you very much.

Dr. Ali Hasan, MBBS 
MLN Medical College, Allahabad.

I have completed my B Tech Electrical course and passed final semester with SPI
of 9.00 and also I've got a job in Power Grid Corporation of India Limited
(PGCIL). I am very much grateful to TMT which helped me in the
accomplishment of this degree and also in getting this great job. I'll always be
thankful to this prestigious organization straight from my heart for its generous
attitude and priceless help.

Thanking you.

Syed Mohd Raza Husain Naqvi
B Tech, Electrical
Motilal Nehru National Ins. Of Technology Allahabad


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